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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A Day in Jedborough

Last weekend I went to Jedburgh in Scotland, had such a great time that and took loads of pictures so this week I am going to do two posts about my weekend away! On the Saturday I went into Jedburgh and this is what happened...

When I woke up I ate my breakfast an went on a little explore around the campsite. There was a small forest walk so me and my mam went on a little walk and saw some really cute bunnies and some amazing landscapes. Once we got back to the caravan we just sat outside in the sun for a bit because it was surprisingly hot! (And people say that Scotland is cold and rainy!) 

We decided that we better do something today so we took a trip into Jedburgh to see some incredible sights and buildings. For lunch we had some fish and chips with the view of the Jedburgh Abbey.

Once we returned to the campsite me and my brother took a trip to the Mausoleum which was just a short walk away. We also came here a few years ago so it was nice to see how much it had changed.

After that we just chilled basically played a few games of connect four and watched a Movie before going to bed!

Thanks for reading, there will be a part two to this post on Sunday so look out for that!

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