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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Spring Nail Picks

So spring is already here and one of my favorite things about spring is all of the colours and clothes that I can wear. But perhaps my most favorite is getting out my pastel coloured nail polishes. I have always been a huge fan of light coloured nail polishes that really stand out rather than dark minimal ones. So today I am going to share my favorite spring nail polishes with you'll.

First up is my three Barry M 'Hi-Shine' nail paints. I absolutely love these because they are shiny, smooth and last a long time. Also Barry M have a HUGE range of nail polishes which you can check out here. I am not at all sponsored by Barry M, I just really love their products. I have The shades (from left to right) Blueberry, Prickled Pear and Green berry.

I also love the MUA nail polish collection and the nail polishes are only an amazing £1 each! They are well worth the money and actually last quite a while. You can check out the MUA nail polish collection here. I have them in the shades Koala bear and Strawberry Crush, which I love a lot.

Finally I have the Primark nail polish but I don't know the shade but it is like a orange-coral colour type colour and I really like it. However it is really bright, stands out a mile and doesnt really go with any other colours but I like it a lotttt.

I hope you enjoyed this little post, thanks for reading


  1. Great post!
    I really like the colours of the Barry M nail polishes!
    From Megan x

    1. Thankyou! I absolutly love the Barry M range because there is sooo much chose and differant colours! :) x

  2. I love all the Barry M varnishes, they're gorgeous.
    sammy xx

    1. I know! They are all flawless and I get a little bit exited when I see a Barry M nail polish stand! (Is that sad?) ohh well! :) xx