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Monday, 5 January 2015

December Favorites

It's that time again for my monthly Favorites. December has been a magical month for me as I have been super duper busy, spent a lot of time with family and friends and just basically had fun. I haven't really had many favorites this month but they few I did have were are all a bit random so you will just have to bear with me :) 

So this month I have been absolutely loving soap and glory's 'The Righteous Butter' I got this a while ago along with three other body butters. I have to say this on is my favorite out of all of the scents and it just makes my skin feel super soft.

I mentioned my Tangle teezer in my 'what I got for christmas' blog post and if you couldnt tell I absolutely love it! I highly suggest this if you struggle with tangly hair or are just looking for a new brush. It also works great when you have wet hair. It has an amazing grip and makes my hair feel super soft.

I love unicorns, yep you did read that right. A few weeks ago as I was strolling through primark I spotted a big fluffy unicorn jumper and I just knew I had to buy it. As soon as I got in I put it straight on and have been wearing it since. It also has a cute name on the back which I think is the name of the unicorn. Love it!

I am a sucker for Christmas decorations and when I was looking in Wilkinsons I had to take a look down the Christmas isle and they honestly have some of the cutest decorations I had seen this year. Since it was so close to Christmas they were half price so how could I say no? I picked these three as they were kind of the same style!

My food Favorite this month has been Percy pigs from marks and Spenser's. These are my life at the moment and I could eat these all day long. They just taste great, please go and try them honestly they are delicious.

Well thanks for reading, please comment your favorite thing of December. See you soon

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