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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

little DIY ideas #2

I absolutely loved making my little DIY ideas post, so I thought I would make another one! I have two more ideas, I hope you enjoy it!

My first idea is my little jar with fairy lights in it. You have probably seen it in the background of all my pictures and I actually love this sooo much. Its so easy to make because all you need is a glass jar and some fairy lights of any color. I do think it is better if your jar has a lid like mine because it hides the cable that has to come out the top. My jar cost £1.50 from Matalan and my fairy lights were £12 from IKEA.

My next idea is my love heart picture collage thingy sorry I don't have a proper name for it yet. This is really easy, all you have to do is print out some photos and stick them onto your wall in any pattern. A heart, flower, circle or whatever you want.

I hope you liked this post or maybe even try to make one of these please send me a picture on twitter @unicornblogger2. Thanks for reading.