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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

September favourites

Hey guys, Since it is the first of October I thought I would do my September favorites,

My first favorite is my body shop 'Japanese cherry blossom' body mist which comes in a cute glass bottle that looks really nice in your room. It smells sooo good! It has a very floraly smell and I think this is my favorite fragrance. I have had this before but I just had to put it in my favorites! I think it cost about £7.50 but I highly suggest it!

Next I wanted to talk about my simple 'kind to eyes' roll on. I really like this because you know those days where you just wake up feeling tired and your eyes are all red and puffy, this just sorts it all out and makes your dark circles lighten and open up your eyes as well. I struggle with dark circles and this fixes them for me and I love it! They cost about £4.99.

Also I just wanted to say how much i am loving my DIY glass jar in my room to store all of my makeup brushes. It looks really cute and was sooo easy to make! so if you want to make one check out my last blog about my little DIY ideas.

My next favorite is my necklace from river island. I think it is supposed to be a roman coin but I am not really sure. I really like this necklace and because it is slightly shorter so I can wear two necklaces at the same time which I think lots really nice. I think that it was £2.99 but i am not so sure.

One of my hair favorites is batiste dry shampoo. This is a life saver! you know those days where you hair is greasy or just doesn't look very nice, a few sprays of this makes it look amazing! There are lot of different flavors but I like the smell of the floral and flirty one. The cost varies about £1.99-3.99 depending on the size of the can.

My favorite nail varnishes have been the Barry M gelly nail varnish in the color green berry. Also I have been loving the MUA nail varnishes in koala bear and strawberry crush.

Finally my favorite songs this month have been Ariana Grande's 'break free', Meghan Trainers 'All about that bass' and G.R.L's 'ugly heart'.

That's all my favorites this month, please comment one of your monthly favorites and I will check them all out.

Thanks for reading!

Rachel x

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